Practice Development Program

75% off until July 31 ($597)
After July 31 Original Price returns to $2,500
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The key is to compress lessons and time.

Read that again. Lessons & time. Compressed.

You need to compress all the know how of what you need to know and what you need to do, and speed up the learning curve dramatically.

You need to “copy” what already works instead of spending the next 3-5 years trying to work it out through mistakes.

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This training program covers what you need to know to build the foundations of a successful dental practice.

Part 1: Foundation of Practice Development

  • Learn the different stages a dental practice goes through as it grows from $0 to $1million and how the practice must inherently change as it goes through each phase
  • Understanding the dental industry as a whole, the role of corporates in Australia and how to compete in a saturated market

Part 2: The 7 Stages of Patient Development

  • Understanding the 7 segments of your patient journey from not knowing your practice exists to being a regular and high value patient

Part 3: Building the Right Team

  • Learning the structure of an A-grade dental team, who you need on your team, how to hire them and what to look for
  • Setting the expectations for your team
  • How to identify, handle and replace underperforming team members that are toxic to your practice

Part 4: Systems & Processes

  • How to build your practice like a “business” rather than a “practice”
  • Organising and structuring all day to day procedures so that staff aren’t coming to you every second hour asking how to do something and so that new staff can fit easily and quickly into your practice without spending all the energy and time training them up

Part 5: The Emergency Plan

  • How to recognize when things are turning bad early and before they become a problem
  • What you need to do if your practice is starting to slow down or lose money
  • How to turn it around in 30 days

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The Practice Development Program (PDP) is an online seminar training program.

This is a condensed 5 hour intensive seminar covering all the topics above.

All the content, condensed, straight into the stuff that works. No fluff, no bullshit, no empty promises.

5 hours of head down intensive training going through everything you need to know and walking away with a very clear vision of what you need to do in your practice to take it to the next level.

This one day intensive seminar is $597 and includes everything mentioned above.

This a screenshot of one of my client’s revenue figures showing what they’ve done with their practice after attending this intensive seminar.

They took their practice from $28,000/month to $70,700/month in 8 months. Annualised, their practice went from $336,000 per year to $850,000 per year in 8 months.

This particular dentist worked their backside off, followed the guides they got at the seminar and executed these strategies like an A-grade player in their practice.

Like I said, I can’t do the work for you, but I can show you exactly what to do … and it works.

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Money Back Guarantee

Here’s what no other seminar organizer will offer you.

A money back guarantee.

If you do my intensive seminar and feel like you got zero value out of it or that you’ve heard it all before I’ll refund your full money back. Just show me that you’ve done a similar seminar and you've implemented the work and I’ll refund you in full.

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